8 signs you are ready to sell your home

Ready or Not?

There is a lot of talk about real estate – it is one of the most popular topics of conversation right across Australia. Perhaps you’ve contemplated selling recently with the talk around high property prices but haven’t been able to decide if the time is right. We’ve helped alot of people sell their homes as you can imagine and over the years have found these are some of the key indicators that you are truly ready to take the plunge and move on to something that better suits your current needs.

How much money do you have or need?

This is an obvious but important point. Spend time evaluating your finances do you have enough money to afford the upgrade you are dreaming about, or if you’re a first home buyer have you saved enough of a deposit? Perhaps you want to free up some money so you can enjoy other parts of your life more or put it into that business you have been dreaming about starting. What ever the reason you need to understand your finances as this can be a big motivator to move or not.

Your neighborhood has seen a massive price rise

Have you been lucky enough to live in suburb that has seen a price hike – certainly many parts of Australia have seen this. Whilst this makes it hard for first home buyers, if you own your own home it might be the right time to sell, to benefit from the real estate boom and buy something that better suits your needs. Perhaps you can afford that upgrade now, or want to free up some money to travel or move closer to lifestyle activites you enjoyt? Understanding your local market is important – what are homes like mine selling for in my neighbourhood.

Your family is expanding

If you’ve added a few kids and perhaps a pet into your home upgrading your home is a natural step. You might find you need more space or perhaps want to move to an area that has better lifestyle offerings such as parks, friendly family neighbourhood, access to good schools. Even if you dont have kids buying a home near a good school is great for re-sale.

The kids have left the nest

The other end of the story – is that the kids have moved out of home and you no longer need the space – oh and wouldnt it be nice to free up some money so you can travel and do other things with your time rather than cleaning the large family home.

The Neighborhood isn’t for you anymore

Does your current neighbourhood suit your lifestyle? If you are an active outdoors type – can you access the great outdoors near your home? Do you love the cafe, eating lifestyle but are miles away from anywhere decent so have to travel for ages to endulge your passion? Figuring out what you want in a neighbhourhood is a good step forward and an easy way to assess whether your current suburb ticks the boxes.

Hating the office commute

Are you tired of the long commute to work each day – perhaps moving closer to where you work could be an option. It will free up those hours spent in traffic or or public transport – just think how much more time you spend doing the things you like!

A fresh start sounds fabulous!

We’re often told the Australian dream is owning your own house, with two and a half kids and a red door and big backyard. But times change, and with it, so do our dreams. Nowadays, lots of people prefer to own an apartment, or a more compact house close to the city. You don’t have to subscribe to what you’re told is the right type of property, because one size doesn’t fit all!

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