Web Design Brisbane tips: 5 rules!

Your Brisbane website will not be complete without the right and most perfect web design. The website design is the one that will add up to the look and style of your website, and it is very important for you to make sure that you will have the most out of it and reaching your Brisbane clients. But having the right website design Brisbane is not that easy and you would not want to end up having the worst one out there, so the best thing you have to do is to get started in knowing the 5 rules you have to follow in order to be assured in having the most efficient web design in Brisbane.

Those rules are the following below.

Rule # 1: Don’t Use Too Bright Colors

It is always important for you to consider your Brisbane readers and viewers when it comes to the design of your website, so you have to avoid using too bright colors in the fonts. If you are going to have too bright colors for your font, then there is a chance for your readers to have a hard time in reading the contents of your website and they will eventually look for other sites that are pleasing to their eyes.

Rule # 2: Use the Right Size of Fonts

You have to also make sure that the size of your font is just enough. It should not be too big or too small. You can try out to by viewing your own contents and determine if the font size is readable enough for most of your readers. Though, you have to always make the title a little bigger to emphasize it and let more people notice it.


Rule # 3: Avoid Too Many Media Files

Surely, it will be really ideal for you to have photos, videos and other media files in your website, but too much of it will make your pages load slower and is not ideal for people who only have slow internet connection. That is why you have to make sure that you will keep media files to a minimum because it will help you to at least make the navigation within your pages easier.

Rule # 4: Make it Mobile Friendly

Almost all people in Brisbane are already using tablets and smart phones in browsing the internet, so don’t be left behind and choose a responsive website design. This kind of design will allow the users to check and browse through your website even though they are only using their mobile devices. This could be an additional tool for you to utilize in order to gain more viewers and readers in the online market.

Rule # 5: Make it Elegant and Simple

Lastly, you need to have a website design that could be totally elegant and attractive to the eyes of the readers. They should have the best experience when they are browsing through your site. In the end, the most important thing is that it should be simple enough for them to browse through with ease, have the information that they need and would consider going back to your site in case they need anything.

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Brisbane Termite Treatment: do it yourself

Is your house infested with termites? If you do, then you need to take an action before it gets worse. Brisbane Termites are very dangerous creatures. They eat up the woods in your house, including your house foundation. If you don’t take termite infestation seriously, chances are the foundation of your house will be damaged. So before it happens, you need to take it under control.

There are lots of termite treatment companies in Brisbane that you can call for a help, check out termitebyte.com. However, getting their service is quite expensive, but you are guaranteed that the termites will be gone in just a few days. But if you don’t have a budget to get their service, you can try a DIY termite treatment.

These treatments will get rid of the termites in no time. You don’t need to call a termite control service in brisbane for you to get rid of the pests. However, these treatments are only intended for preventive use. Thus, if the treatments don’t work, then it’s time for you to call the termite control firm.

How to Get Rid the Termites on Your Own

Before you apply a termite treatment, there are certain things that you must do. First of all, you need to do a thorough research about termites. There are different types of termites and there are also different types of treatment for termites. You need to know first what type of termite you have in your home. Knowing the type of termite you have in your house will help you choose the right treatment for termites.


Next, you need to decide what termite treatment you will use. There are kinds of DIY termite treatments in Brisbane. The first type is the liquid treatment. A liquid treatment comes in a form of pesticides. You just need to spray it on where the termites live in order to kill them. However, this type of pesticide is not only dangerous to termites but to humans, as well. So if you will use it to kill the termites, make sure that you will follow the instructions carefully to keep you and your family away from harm.

Another treatment that you can use is the termite bait. Using the termite bait is safer to humans than using a pesticide. However, the price is quite expensive than the liquid treatment, but you are guaranteed that you will be able to kill all the termites in your house.

To use the termite bait, you need to insert the plastic stakes into the ground. Place each stake in different areas near the house. Each stake has growth inhibitors which will lead the termites to their last breath. The process may take time before it kills all the termites, but you are rest assured that all the pests will be gone in your house.

Termites should be taken seriously. If not, it will eat up the woods and destroy your house. So before it gets worse, you need to apply the treatments mentioned above. With DIY treatments for these pesky termites, you will have a termite-free house in just a few days.

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